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ImageDave Engel

Dave Engel has guided all his life.  As his wife would say, he has never had a real job...but he has made a very good living doing it.  Dave is the third generation of his family to operate the Pottawatomie Gun Club, a 1,400 acre private duck hunting marsh on the Kalamazoo River that has been in existence since 1886.  Dave is taking the family hunting legacy to the next level with the purchase of 700 acres adjacent to the Todd farm state refuge, which provides excellent duck and goose hunting for his customers. There is a portion of the shooting preserve where the pheasant hunts are done. Hunting is very serious business for the Engel family. It is not a hobby; they have spent generations making a living doing this.  Dave has spent a lifetime acquiring leases throughout Michigan...acquiring the best land for duck and goose hunting available. He has won several calling championships and titles. Dave has hunted and traveled to many countries, hunting with some of the greatest hunters in the world, and has a trophy room full of award-winning animals to prove it. Many sports writers and television hosts comment frequently that Dave Engel can read the birds like no other they’ve hunted with. Spending the morning with Dave in a blind is an experience that you will never forget.

ImageBill Bale

Bill Bale began guiding at the Pottawatomie Gun Club when he was 14, and has made a very successful career out of hunting and fishing. It’s hard to pick up a Michigan hunting or fishing magazine and not see Bill's face in it. He has been quoted many times on his techniques and methods by outdoor writers. Bill plays a key role in the Best Chance team, as he manages all of the paperwork.  Bill is the one who you book your hunts with; and gives you directions where to meet, when to be there, and how to get there… priceless.  Bill is the key guy for communicating with the farmers, getting permission, scouting, and tracking the movement of the birds on a daily basis. Bill always knows where the birds are in the field and has the ability to put you on the X which makes your hunt more efficient. Bill is also a well traveled hunter and has experience in many other states hunting with many other experts, which always adds to success. Bill gets nightly reports from guides through-out the fly way. Although Bill has never called competitively, he certainly is a talented caller and adds to the trio’s success on a daily basis.

Image Hunter Engel

Hunter is a fourth generation professional guide, and is probably the most well known of the Best Chance Trio throughout the water fowl media world. Hunter competes internationally in goose calling contests. He won his first goose calling competition when he was 13 and has won many since. His sponsorships from Foiles Migrators Championship Calls and Final Approach Inc. allow Hunter to travel throughout the summer professionally competing with the top goose callers in the world. By attending these competitions, Hunter learns about the latest cutting edge equipment and technology, which keeps the Best Chance trio at the top of their game. Hunter; like Dave and Bill, is one of those faces you see regularly in magazines and on TV shows. He was recently rated as one of the top 5 Young Gun’s Goose Callers in the nation by Water Fowl Hunting magazine. Hunter is the work horse in this trio. When not out hunting or participating in calling contests, he is pursuing his college degree.
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